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Love Is – Book Release

Love Is – Book Release

LOVE IS –  19-year-old author and thought leader, Roy Kamau, expounds on the love with his newest book called “Love Is.” The Bible commands us to love the Lord with all of our heart and to love our neighbor as ourselves. But what really is love? The world teaches that it is a feeling while […]

Song List for the Burn

Location: Southwest Church of The Nazarene 1307 W 22nd St S, Tulsa, OK 74107-2717, United States Thank you for all who are coming together this week to worship Jesus. This is the song list Jedi has chosen for those who might want to practice or become familiar with them: Defender No longer slaves I am […]

Build the Wall!

Build the Wall!

Build the Wall! I am in favor of building the wall on our southern border. I have been to Juarez, Mexico  and seen the horror the cartel has done there. I have met with native American ministers that have seen the horror the cartel has done to their people living on the border, and I […]

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